We know what’s breeding in your unprotected bedding…

While sleeping, you should be protected from


Protect·A·Bed® is committed to producing mattress protectors and pillow protectors made from quality fabrics and featuring innovations designed and developed to optimise the sleep experience for our customers. A few of these feature innovations include:

  • Miracle Membrane® to ensure breathable, waterproof barrier against dust mites, allergens, mould and bacteria
  • BugLock® closure – preventing bed bug entry/escape

Our protectors create a healthy sleep zone and save you money by extending the life of your bedding for years to come. A good pillow or mattress should last as long as it is still providing good support and comfort, so why throw it out when you can keep it like new, free from dust, stains, bacteria and mould.

Pillow protectors with quality fabric and detail and guarantees you can rely upon. Pillow protectors with clever comfort and hygiene features that are unique to Proect·A·Bed®. A huge range of mattress protectors with unique and well designed features that ensure a neat fit, easy to wash and are long lasting.
Protectors to fit non-standard sizes and still featuring all the innovations and benefits of our core pillow protector range. Unique detail such as our patented BugLock® with SecureClip® will bring peace of mind.